CSR - People
At TUNBOW, we value our employees and believe that people are invaluable assets to the company. We not only invest in our people and provide opportunities of training and self-development, but also are determined to do this to the best of our ability. We also encourage good work life balance environment to our employees in means of health concern, leisure activities, training & development as well as balanced remuneration & benefits.
Working Conditions
All our employees both in Hong Kong and in China have reasonable working hours and rarely conduct long hours of overtime work. We value our employee's health thus we do not encourage long or overtime hours of work. In addition, we encourage “work life balance”. We encourage employees to do exercise during free time by providing related information and facilities (such as basketball court, ping pong court, dancing studio etc.); we believe that better health creates better working atmosphere.
Employees Activities
To enhance employees’ loyalty and friendship among themselves, we organize different activities for employees every year in both Hong Kong and China in 3 tiers: (1) Corporate Level -- Annual Dinner, Christmas Party, Chinese New Year Gathering, BBQ or outdoor activities, sports competitions, photography competition, monthly birthday parties etc.; (2) Departmental Level – outdoor activities, traveling, BBQ etc.; (3) Small Interest Group Level – Dance class, hiking day, cycling day. In addition, we organize competitions such as photography, basketball, tug of war, performing arts etc. to create a happy, harmonious and appreciative culture.
Employees Benefits
Apart from the ordinary compensation package, we provide a wide range of benefits for our employees, including medical and life insurance, different scope of allowances and subsidies, quality enhancement rewards, internship opportunities for families, products offer, festive gift sets etc. Employees' remuneration is also reviewed individually on an annual basis to ensure the packages are fair and competitive.

Health and Safety
We are committed to providing a safe, effective and congenial work environment for all our staff. In addition to observing the labour standards and laws and safety and health obligations where the business operates, we have internal guidelines and systems to protect and ensure the health and safety of our employees. In our factories, we have teams dedicated to workplace safety, sourcing and providing appropriate tools and training to employees to discharge their duties.
Training and Development
We are committed to the personal development of its employees as well as their professional growth, and invest heavily in our people. We provide adequate training for employees at both professional and self-developmental levels based on the mutual needs between the company and the employees. We also encourage employees to pursue higher academic or professional qualification, or to enroll for academic or job-related courses for acquiring updated knowledge and skills in relation to their work and for further advancement.

We work to create a harmonious workplace with a well-established system of open communications. Our employees can learn the new policies through posters, publications and announcements. We hold corporate orientation to help new staff understand the company’s business and culture. To maintain an amicable environment and improve working standards and conditions, the management encourages staff to voice their opinions and better understand their needs and views. There are regular or unofficial meetings or interviews with employees for management to communicate openly and honestly with employees and listen to their views, whether it is of a positive or negative nature and to discuss any problems they may experience during work.