CSR - Social Ethics
We are committed to conduct our business in the most ethical and professional manner as well as treating all employees, business partners, government and community in a transparent and accountable manner.
Product Safety and Labeling
We implement strict health and safety measures on all our products. All our products have been issued safety certificate by the relevant accredited laboratory to confirm that out products have complied with the relevant international safety standards. We also provide comprehensive product information on the packaging and accompanying user manuals. Detailed instructions for use, environmental information and safety labels are listed clearly. With such clear information, we receive rare complaints in regard to product and service information and labeling.
Supply Management
Suppliers’ support to our commitment to the stakeholders is crucial. We implement international best practices and conduct fair and unbiased tender processes in dealing with vendors. We make efforts to ensure that our suppliers deal appropriately with minimum wage and labour force requirements; to identify suppliers who may not be meeting the standards set out in the Supplier Code of Conduct and to start checking their compliance. In the coming years, we further develop our Supplier Code of Conduct to reinforce our communication with our suppliers. In addition, we explore ways of evaluating the cost of purchasing Fair-trade and Rainforest Alliance certified products from suppliers to further support the green purchasing.
Customer Protection
Protecting our consumers and their privacy is one of the top priorities of our employees. To this end, we have implemented strict data protection mechanisms to protect the confidentiality of our customers' data and prevent any violations of consumer privacy.
As a company with good service, we follow up every complaint received and investigate the cause. We do not have complaints in relation to non-compliance with laws. In addition, we take our anti-corruption responsibilities very seriously and are committed to fair competition and hence strictly reject corruption in any form.