CSR - Academic Collaboration
We make efforts to hunt for people of excellent caliber to fill the professional or management vacancies. Thus, we collaborate with the local universities in Hong Kong and Mainland China to provide internship programs since 2010. Until now, we provide nearly 10 internship vacancies for local university students in both summer and year-term working opportunities. Our internship programs offer outstanding real-world opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students. We undoubtedly continue to support such internship programs organized by tertiary institutions to move our planned projects forward academically and systematically.

In addition, we endeavor to recruit management trainees every year to train them up for taking up management positions in the future in all different departments. Internally, potential talents who are current employees are offered opportunities into trainee programs for related departments. This aims to accumulate a pool of talents for future expansion and development of the company.

Apart from ordinary means such as recruitment advertisements on print or online platform, job exhibitions in different universities are held for direct communication with the potential talents.

Additionally we partner with accredited universities, tertiary colleges to arrange visits to our offices and factories. Students are given valuable opportunities to network with our employees and get exposure to the industry.