2017 - 11 - 04
TUNBOW supports Yan Oi Tong Mentorship Scheme

Being a distinguished individual with vast knowledge and profound experience in the industry, our Group Chairman, Dr. Charles CHAN, was inviited by Yan Oi Tong Education Fund to be the mentor of "Mentorship Scheme". While Dr. CHAN provided valuable advice for their all-round development, our Group offered internship opportunities for them to help build a positive work attitude.

Recently, a commemorative ceremony was held to celebrate the success of the Scheme. Dr. CHAN participated to share the joy with the mentees.

A special episode about the Mentorship Scheme was produced for the public. Dr. CHAN and his mentees were interviewed to share their views and it was broadcasted through TVB in Yan Oi Tong TV Show on 21 Oct 2017.

We wish by continuously supporting similar youth programs, valuable skills and knowledge can be transferred to the teenagers that will stand them in good stead for the future.